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Work Package 1

D1.1:  Evaluation about innocuity on the fish and determination of the max permissible power

D1.2:  Evaluation about innocuity on the fish and determination optimal frequency

Work Package 4

D4.1:  Technical and economic demonstration report

Work Package 7

D7.1:  Website creation 

D7.2:  Proof of commercial brochure, publication on social network, participation in the trade fairs and conferences

D7.3:  Communication package

Work Package 2

D2.1:  Transducers ready to be integrated

D2.2:  Predictive maintenance plan

D2.3:  Installation manual

Work Package 5​

D5.1:  Commercially build 10 NetWave systems

D5.2:  Supply Chain & production implementation realized

Work Package 8​

D8.1:  Consortium agreement 

D8.2:  Identification and synthesis of all financial elements of the project to present expenditures

D8.3:  Business plan

D8.4:  FTO Global Report

Work Package 3​

D3.1:  Pre-series product

Work Package 6​

D6.1:  Commercialization plan

D6.2:  Extended sales agent & distribution network

D6.3:  Training and operational manuals

D6.4:  Service package offer

Work Package 9​

D9.1:  A - Requirement No. 1

D9.2: NEC - Requirement No.2

D9.3: EPQ - Requirement No.3

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